From the Workshop

The popular IoT podcast is coming to a city near you! Stay tuned to find out where we’ll be next!

This live workshop covers:

  • Cellular for the IoT
  • Hardware design considerations
  • Hands-on rapid proof of concept development

NimbeLink provides a M1 Development Kit with a M1 Skywire modem.

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From The Workshop Roadshow – With Brandon Hart

Brought To You By NimbeLink – The World’s Leading Provider Of Cellular Technology, Solutions And Services.

Expanding on NimbeLink’s popular string of “Workshop” podcasts, and delivered by IoT and cellular industry expert Brandon Hart, the From The Workshop series is going live and will be in a city near you in 2018.

Attendees Will Walk Away With A Much Greater Knowledge Of:

  • How to better work with cellular technology
  • Hardware design, development and deployment
  • How to take these strategies back home and develop real solutions

Welcome to our “From the Workshop” video series.

Here we’ll cover all things around the Internet of Things, from beginning to end, and all the development in between. We’ll learn about components, parts, pieces, modules, modems, certifications, applications and a whole lot more. This page will offer a variety of resources to help support your project.

Episode 20: Skywire Socket Flexibility

Brandon walks us through the Skywire’s socket design – the 20 pin design. He answers questions like what’s the fuctionality of each pin? What’s their behavior like? And what other things to keep in mind as you design.

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The components, parts, modems – connectors that make up a basic IoT Device.

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