Reusable transport equipment. Mission critical. Expensive. Uncontrolled.

SMART Logistics helps manufacturers gain performance from reusable transport packaging like pallets, racks and bins. Using NimbeLink’s superior IoT tags that can be embedded in virtually any form of shipping equipment, SMART’s solution lets you track location, optimize inventory planning and monitor environmental conditions. Turn ordinary equipment into powerful data-generating tools.

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Actionable analytics at your fingertips.

SMART’s analytics portal integrates all data generated by our tags into a configurable dashboard allowing personnel to monitor and optimize supply chain operations. Users are able to actively manage transport equipment and the valuable inventory being carried, driving productivity and cost savings.

Take control of your equipment and inventory. Contact SMART today.

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Reliable monitoring solutions for specialized business applications

Asset tracking

Know where your equipment is, in your facility, in the field or in transit.

Condition monitoring

Know inventory status, including cold chain and aging.

Inventory accuracy

Know live inventory levels and location with precision.

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