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The Leading Indoor/Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution for Any Use Case

Leverege specializes in large scale IoT asset tracking and remote monitoring solutions for low-cost, cross vertical applications. They have built, launched and scaled some of the largest asset tracking solutions in North America for notable Fortune 500 companies.

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Secure & Scalable Platform Features

Whether you’re building a proof-of-concept, considering a pilot, or scaling for production, Leverege’s IoT platform and companion system integration services will ensure business success — faster, cheaper, and with better quality.

  • Get real-time visibility into mobile & fixed assets with robust indoor and outdoor location tracking capabilities
  • Hardware, cloud, and network agnostic to fit any asset tracking use case with private labeling for your business
  • Layer on custom business logic and easily integrate into existing legacy systems
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IoT Solutions That Enable Real-Time Insights for Every Thing™

Launch a Pilot or Proof-Of-Concept in Weeks

With Leverege’s turn-key, fixed price Jumpstart products you can reduce risk, generate excitement, build customer confidence, and gain invaluable feedback before scaling across the enterprise.

On-Site Installation and Support

Leverege provides on-site installation and technical support for all proof-of-concepts and pilots. Their IoT experts will help to reduce customer friction and accelerate buying decisions and timelines.

Adaptable and Scalable Business Model

Leverege’s business model works when your project is successful. When your solution is ready to scale, Leverege aligns its fees to your end-business model to reduce costs and mirror incentives.

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