Gurtam Wialon

What is Wialon

Wialon is a GPS tracking platform for building a monitoring solution for any industry. The full-fledged system eliminates the need to build an IoT infrastructure from scratch and allows our clients to concentrate on innovative applications, business workflow optimization, and efficient management of the connected objects.

Wialon and Wialon-based solutions have entered the national markets of more than 130 countries with over 2,500,000 units being tracked worldwide. The Wialon сommunity, the largest association of telematics and IoT experts, brings together more than 1,800 partner companies, 590 hardware manufacturers, hundreds of Wialon-based solution developers that work together on next-gen connected solutions.

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Wialon is compatible with more than 2,200 types of GPS tracking devices and securely integrates them into a full-fledged telematics platform. A number of supported hardware devices is constantly growing, making the Wialon platform device-agnostic and adaptable to a solution of any size and complexity.

  • 99.95% uptime. The distributed system features 300 servers located in Groningen in the Netherlands, Moscow in Russia, and Washington in the US.
  • Broad functionality. Wialon platform features more than 300 monitoring parameters, including online tracking, fuel control, route optimization, sensor data collection, and tools for managing driver behaviour.
  • Support of all asset types. The platform allows clients to track light and heavy commercial vehicles, private cars, motorcycles, public transportation and public service vehicles, as well as stationary assets such as diesel generators and real estate.
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Benefits of Wialon

Reduced Project Costs

No massive investments into internal IoT platform development. Device management and service maintenance cost reduction. Faster time to margin.

Real-Time Data

24/7 visibility. Real-time asset tracking, theft detection, and unauthorized movement alerts.

Custom Solution

Cloud and server-based versions. Wialon SDK and API for customized solutions and integrations with other systems. Customizable reports and alerts.

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