Skywire® Sensor Shield

NimbeLink Plug-in Cellular Shield for the Nucleo-F401RE

The Nucleo-F401RE is the development board for STM32 F4 series, providing an affordable, flexible way to build prototypes. For applications requiring cellular connectivity, the NimbeLink Shield plugs into the Nucleo development board and, in turn, accepts a plug-in NimbeLink Skywire® end-device certified cellular modem, providing quick cellular access. This first-in-the-industry plug-in cellular solution is easier and more compact than USB or other modem connection options, and the end-device certified Skywire embedded modem eliminates the cost and complexity of obtaining FCC and carrier certifications.

The NimbeLink shield comes with four integrated ST sensors for easy proof-of-concept development. Sensors include an accelerometer, a temperature sensor, an atmospheric pressure sensor, and a humidity sensor. The shield also provides headers similar to those on an Arduino board. These accept any of hundreds of compatible expansion boards allowing the addition of capabilities like GPS, screens, motor controllers, and more. The NimbeLink Nucleo Shield requires 12v power and accepts a variety of antennas and is available with or without a power supply and compatible antenna.

The NimbeLink Cellular mbed Shield is compatible with any of NimbeLink’s Skywire cellular modems. The Skywire line  includes 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE modems. These are the smallest embedded modems on the market and are available with bundled data plans and complete development kits, which can be purchased through Digi-Key ( and Arrow (

Developers can connect to the modem in any of three different ways:

Skywire® Socket supports 2G, 3G, and 4G cellular modems

Footprint compatible with all STM32 Nucleo boards

4 sensors integrated for effective demonstration of IoT devices

Example mbed code to upload data to Bug Labs Freeboard –

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Skywire® Embedded Modem Roadmap

Skywire® Cellular Modems

Created by award-winning developers, Skywire® plug-in cellular modems are the fastest way to provide cellular connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) products and speed them to market. Within months of its introduction Skywire® was recognized for innovation and named a finalist for the ECN Impact Awards, Boards, Modules and Embedded Systems category.

Skywire® is the smallest end-device certified cellular modem on the market, making it quicker and easier to deploy than module down, external modems, or solder-in modules. It uses the Skywire standard form factor and its pre-certification eliminates months of delay and tens of thousands of dollars of cost for required certification.

It is easy to deploy, requiring just voltage and a UART connection and is more flexible than other plug-in modules, supporting a wider range of voltages and antenna connections.

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Skywire® ST Micro Cellular Shield for the Nucleo-F401RE

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