Skywire® Development Kit

Skywire’s Development Kits give you options.

Competing in today’s fast-moving global markets takes smart innovative products, but beating the competition to market is equally important. Connectivity is key for many of today’s products, and there is no faster easier way to add cellular connectivity to a system or device than the end-device certified Skywire® Cellular Modem with optional bundled, no-contract cellular plans. The challenge is integrating the cellular modem effectively into your device. Skywire’s Development Kits give you options. They come standard with a power supply, antenna, baseboard, and debug cable.  The Skywire® modem is not included so you can purchase the modem that is right for you.

The new kits also now include a Verizon SIM card for modems that require them. The development kit includes a baseboard that doubles as an Arduino shield, power supply, and debug cables. The Skywire® Modem is sold separately.

Developers can connect to the modem in any of three different ways:

Directly from PC to the modem’s UART port, sending AT commands through PC terminal application

From an Arduino microcontroller through the kit’s Arduino shield

To other vendors’ development kits through the kit’s standard 14-pin header

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Skywire® Embedded Modem Roadmap

Skywire® Cellular Modems

Created by award-winning developers, Skywire® plug-in cellular modems are the fastest way to provide cellular connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) products and speed them to market. Within months of its introduction Skywire® was recognized for innovation and named a finalist for the ECN Impact Awards, Boards, Modules and Embedded Systems category.

Skywire® is the smallest end-device certified cellular modem on the market, making it quicker and easier to deploy than module down, external modems, or solder-in modules. It uses the Skywire standard form factor and its pre-certification eliminates months of delay and tens of thousands of dollars of cost for required certification.

It is easy to deploy, requiring just voltage and a UART connection and is more flexible than other plug-in modules, supporting a wider range of voltages and antenna connections.

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Skywire® development kit includes baseboard, antenna, power supply, SIM card, and debug cables. (Does not include Skywire® modem).

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