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Developing M2M applications for the Internet of Things can be a complicated and time-consuming process.

NimbeLink’s Skywire® cellular modems help speed up product development and integration of cellular connectivity, and our bundled cellular data plans help eliminate one more step in getting your customers up and running and connected to the cellular network.

NimbeLink’s Verizon data plans utilize the nation’s largest, most reliable cellular network, providing ready cellular access from virtually any location. Tiered data plans can support any application from a few text messages a month to gigabytes of streaming data, and competitive pricing will appeal to both you and your customers. Automatic direct billing by NimbeLink eliminates the hassle of maintaining service for your customers, and frees you to focus on product development and marketing. And when and if the time is right we can help you migrate to a Verizon direct account, allowing you to provide service directly to your customers.

Verizon data plans from NimbeLink provide access to all of the cellular technologies supported by Skywire® modems including LTE, EVDO, and 1xRTT. Simplify product development and rollout, save time and money, and streamline installation and access for your customers with NimbeLink’s bundled Verizon data plans.

All Verizon LTE devices and data plans require a SIM Card which are available for purchase from Digi-Key Electronics at the links below.

*discounts available for volume orders, contact sales here: contact-us

* Regarding the choice of Public vs. Private IP address.  There is no price difference.  Public IPs are inherently less secure than Private IPs because the device is exposed to the public internet, the device may receive unsolicited traffic from the raw internet including rogue individuals that may probe the device – the device will consume data and potential overages even though you don’t originate the traffic!

Private IPs live within a private network setup for NimbeLink within Verizon’s network.  The IPs are more secure from the public internet, but the device is not reachable directly from your PC to ping or push remote data down to the device.  The device can only originate sending data OUT of the Private network to the public internet.

Customers that require private network access to their devices typically use NimbeLink’s private network during development and then work with Verizon to setup their own customer private network.  Then the production devices can have private static IPs, that you control, and you can VPN tunnel from your cloud into the private network  — allowing you to originate sending data from your network down to the devices in a more secure environment.

SIM Card Ordering Information

Part Number

Distributor Links



3FF Commercial Temp range SIM card, Verizon


3FF Industrial Temp range SIM card, Verizon


3FF Commercial Temp Range SIM card, AT&T


3FF Commercial Temp Range SIM card, T-Mobile


3FF Commercial Temp Range SIM card, Vodafone


3FF Verizon LTE CAT-M1 SIM card Commercial Temp range

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