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The Skywire® Arduino Cellular Shield allows easy addition of cellular connectivity to an Arduino implementation for fast, easy prototyping. The Arduino open-source platform provides simple hardware and software for development of interactive projects. It accepts inputs from sensors and can control a variety of actuators. The kit’s Arduino cellular shield works with any of NimbeLink’s pre-certified Skywire® cellular modems, which are available with bundled, no-contract cellular plans. The kit includes a flexible antenna with sticky backing for easy mounting. Because the Telit modem requires a dedicated UART connection to a processor the kit works best with an Arduino Leonardo board that provides the required dedicated port.

For easy, low-cost proof-of-concept development of applications requiring cellular connectivity it’s hard to beat the Skywire® Arduino Cellular Shield. The shield connects to any off the Skywire® plug-in modems and to an Arduino microprocessor. Develop code on your computer and upload it to the Arduino and know that your programmed prototype will have full access to the cellular network for anything from simple text messages to streaming data. The easy-to-use cellular shield is ideal for hobbyists or for early-stage development of commercial products requiring cellular access. It can be used with any of NimbeLink’s EVDO or 1xRTT modems. For expanded capabilities consider the complete Skywire® Development Kit, which includes a more feature rich shield, antennas, power supplies, SIM cards and adds the ability to connect to and communicate with a PC and other development kits.

Fast, easy prototyping made possible by the Skywire® Arduino cellular shield.

  • NL-SWAK is designed for the 1xRTT and EVDO modems. It is not recommended for use with LTE modems.

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Skywire® Embedded Modem Roadmap

Skywire® Cellular Modems

Created by award-winning developers, Skywire® plug-in cellular modems are the fastest way to provide cellular connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) products and speed them to market. Within months of its introduction Skywire® was recognized for innovation and named a finalist for the ECN Impact Awards, Boards, Modules and Embedded Systems category.

Skywire® is the smallest end-device certified cellular modem on the market, making it quicker and easier to deploy than module down, external modems, or solder-in modules. It uses the Skywire standard form factor and its pre-certification eliminates months of delay and tens of thousands of dollars of cost for required certification.

It is easy to deploy, requiring just voltage and a UART connection and is more flexible than other plug-in modules, supporting a wider range of voltages and antenna connections.

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