Skywire Nano 4G LTE Embedded Modem Development Kit

A key emerging requirement for sensors and devices in IoT, particularly those that will run on batteries, is low-power operation. In the same way that the Skywire® Nano LTE-M CAT-M1/NB-IoT cellular modem is specifically designed to minimize power requirements, the Nano development kit is also engineered to help minimize the power requirement of the finished prototype. This makes the Nano development kit ideal for proof-of-concept and field-testable prototyping of low-power LTE-M IoT devices.

The development kit includes a Skywire Nano 4G LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT Embedded Modem based on the Nordic NRF9160 SIP. Also included is an adapter board that allows customers to connect to a PC via USB or to virtually any application processor development kit via serial UART connection.

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  • Get into production faster with published, editable design files
  • Grove System connectors for developing quick proof of concepts
  • Onboard SEGGER J-Link debugger for SWD and UART communications
  • Powered over USB cable
  • SMA connectors for LTE and GPS interfaces
  • Provides USB to dual UART interface to communicate with modem
  • Micro SIM card connector (3FF size)
  • User controllable Tri-color LED, Button & 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Skywire Nano Modem (NL-SWN-LTE-NRF9160)
  • Wideband LTE antenna
  • USB cable
  • AT&T 3FF SIM card & Verizon MFF2 SIM on modem

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Skywire Nano development kit includes baseboard, Skywire Nano Modem, LTE antenna, USB cable, AT&T SIM card, Screws and Hex Key/Allen wrench

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