Skywire 4G LTE Embedded Modem Development Kit

Introducing the new and improved Skywire Development Kit 2! Building on the success of its predecessor, the NL-SWDK2 features support for dual antennas via surface mount SMA connectors and a flexible interface for Arduino, ST Nucleo, NXP FRDM and other development platforms. Two Grove sensor inputs have been added along with auto power-on for easy modem testing. With enhanced reference design files and Altium CAD files, the NL-SWDK2 is the industry’s fastest and easiest path for adding cellular connectivity to IoT product development.

Competing in today’s fast-moving global markets takes smart, innovative products that are developed quickly. The patented Skywire modems combined with industry leading documentation, expert-level product support and the NL-SWDK2 are your easy path to success.

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Skywire development kit version 2 includes baseboard, antenna, power supply, AT&T SIM card, and debug cables. (Does not include Skywire modem.)

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