Skywire 4G LTE Embedded Modem Development Kit

Competing in today’s fast-moving global markets takes smart innovative products. Connectivity is key for many of today’s products, and there is no faster easier way to add cellular connectivity to a system or device than the patented end-device certified Skywire® Cellular Modem with optional bundled, no-contract cellular plans. The challenge is integrating the cellular modem effectively into your device. Skywire’s Development Kits give you options. They come standard with a power supply, antenna, baseboard, and debug cable. The Skywire modem is not included so you can purchase the modem that is right for you.

The new kits now include a Verizon SIM card for modems that require them. The cellular development kit includes a baseboard that doubles as an Arduino shield, power supply, and debug cables. The Skywire Modem is sold separately.

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Skywire development kit includes baseboard, antenna, power supply, SIM card, and debug cables. (Does not include Skywire® modem)

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