Skywire® BeagleBone Black Cape

Skywire® BeagleBone Black Cape Embedded Modem Development Kit


The Skywire® BeagleBone Black Cape is a cape that allows easy access to the Internet of Things (IoT) via cellular connection. BeagleBone Black is a low-cost, community-supported development platform that allows quick, easy application development. It accepts plug-in boards called “capes” that allow a wide variety of expanded capabilities. The Skywire® BeagleBone Black Cape supports any of NimbeLink’s end-device certified Skywire® plug-in cellular modems with optional bundled, no-contract cellular plans and in addition to cellular connectivity offers:

Developers can connect to the BeagleBone Black Cape in different ways:

  • Built-in CAN for equipment and vehicle data connections
  • Socket for Skywire modems supporting cellular communications
  • Two additional USB ports for added flexibility
  • Fast, easy prototyping made possible by the Skywire® BeagleBone Black Cape.
  • Don’t need CAN, extra USB ports, nor 2nd Skywire Modem Socket? The lower cost BeagleBone Cape Light may suit your needs.
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Skywire® Beaglebone Black Cape

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