Skywire Arduino Cellular Shield – EOL

The Skywire® Arduino Cellular Shield allows easy addition of cellular connectivity to an Arduino implementation for fast, easy prototyping. The Arduino open-source platform provides simple hardware and software for development of interactive projects. It accepts inputs from sensors and can control a variety of actuators. The kit’s Arduino cellular shield is designed to work with certified Skywire cellular modems, which are available with bundled, no-contract cellular plans. The kit includes a flexible antenna with sticky backing for easy mounting. Because modems require a dedicated UART connection to a processor the kit works best with an Arduino Leonardo board that provides the required dedicated port.

NimbeLink is issuing the End of Life (EOL) notification for the NL-SWAK development kit. This development kit was initially created for 2G/3G modems. With many carriers ending support for 2G/3G modems this kit is now obsolete.

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Skywire Prototyping Shield with Antenna

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