Raspberry Pi Skywire Adapter

Raspberry Pi Skywire NB-IoT Embedded Modem Development Kit Adapter

The Raspberry Pi cellular adapter enables anyone to deploy a small but powerful computer almost anywhere. Whether used as a traditional computer or server, or an efficient sensor platform monitoring remote sensors, the Raspberry Pi has been embraced by hobbyists and engineers alike. By combining the Raspberry Pi cellular adapter with NimbeLink’s end-device certified Skywire® cellular modem, you can easily bring cellular connectivity to your Raspberry Pi, anywhere you have a cellular connection.

We don’t sell Raspberry Pi, but NimbeLink offers two products to connect your Raspberry Pi cellular module to a Skywire modem, making it easy to adapt the Skywire to your needs.

Developers can connect to the modem in the following ways:

  • Skywire Raspberry Pi Adapter (NL-AB-RPI), which connects directly to the UART and/or USB cable. This is the recommended starting point for new users. It is the lowest cost and most documented approach.
  • Skywire Development Kit which can connect via USB or UART cable and is intended for engineers who already own the NL-SWDK.
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Application Notes

Verizon ThingSpace Example
AT&T M2X Example
Amazon AWS IoT on Raspberry Pi Example
Prototyping Considerations
See each Skywire modem page for additional modem specific application notes

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Skywire® Raspberry Pi Adapter adapter board only. (Does not include Skywire® modem)

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Skywire development kit includes baseboard, antenna, power supply, SIM card, and debug cables. (Does not include Skywire® modem).

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