Mini-PCI Express – Half Size

The Mini PCIe Adapter Board is ideal for adding cellular connectivity to either new or existing designs. It’s small and compatible with any of NimbeLink’s certified Skywire Embedded Modems (except the NL-SWN-LTE-NRF9160 modem, which has a different form factor). It plugs into a slot that is already in place on many PCs, laptops, industrial tablets, and custom motherboards. And by incorporating Skywire end-device certified modems, it eliminates the cost and delay of chip-down design and obtaining FCC and carrier certification.

If the customer’s device only accepts a full-size card, Full Size adapters are available from NimbeLink’s partner BiPOM Electronics. Customers can purchase the MPCIe Adapter Board from NimbeLink distributors or manufacture their own by using NimbeLink-provided design files, bill of materials, and PCB gerbers. Documentation for Full Size adapters are available on the BiPOM website.

Developers can use the Skywire mPCIe adapter to connect directly from the PC to the modem’s USB port to send AT commands through a PC terminal application or use the operating system’s native broadband interfaces.

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Mini-PCI Express Half Size adapter board for all Skywire modems except the NL-SWN-LTE-NRF9160


Mini-PCI Express Full Size adapter board for NL-SW-LTE-S7588 products


Mini-PCI Express Full Size adapter board for all Skywire products except NL-SW-HSPA

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