Microchip chipKIT WF32

Connect the Microchip chipKIT WF32 development platform to the Internet of Things (IoT) quickly and easily with NimbeLink’s Skywire® Sensor Shield. Whether you are a hobbyist or a developer preparing a product for launch, NimbeLink’s plugin cellular sensor shield and your choice of NimbeLink Skywire® plugin cellular modems will provide the cellular connectivity you need. With cellular connectivity, several included sensors, and example code you can have your proof of concept up and running in minutes with a clear path to production.

  • Skywire® socket that supports 4G LTE,  3G and 2G modems
  • NimbeLink’s certified modems and bundled data plans can have you connected to the network faster than any other cellular solution
  • Four sensors to demonstrate your IoT solution (Temperature, Acceleration, Pressure, and Humidity)
  • Example code to upload sensor data to Verizon Thingspace.io dashboards
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Skywire® Sensor Shield, includes antenna, power supply, and onboard accelerometer, temperature, pressure, and humidity MEMs sensors

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