PRESS RELEASE: NimbeLink Announces Global HSPA+ Skywire® Embedded Modem

Taking Award-Winning Technology Inside – NimbeLink Announces Global HSPA+ Skywire® Embedded Modem

With the addition of these new products, NimbeLink now offers both embedded and external modems – and they are all end-device certified!

Plymouth, MN, August 25th 2016 – NimbeLink®, an award-winning developer of IoT and M2M solutions, today announced that the company is extending its Skywire line of cellular modems with the addition of its first embedded products, the UMTS/GSM modems, which provide all of the benefits current users of Skywire modems have come to expect, enjoy and benefit from. The new product line includes an HSPA+ modem with fallback capability to GPRS and EDGE and optional GPS/GNSS.

“Like NimbeLink’s current Skywire CDMA and LTE modems, the new GSM modems are also fully end-device certified,” says NimbeLink CEO Scott Schwalbe.  “Additionally, they are the smallest embedded modems in the industry and are supported with full documentation, development kits, and microprocessor capes and adapters.”

Skywire modem certifications include FCC, IC, PTCRB, GCF, and CE, as well as multiple carrier certifications.  The alternative to using certified modems is to begin with a chipset or a cellular module, engineer them into a product and spend large amounts of time and money obtaining the necessary certifications.  Skywire modems let developers skip the costly and time-consuming testing and certification process.

All embedded Skywire modems share the Skywire standard interface, allowing easy upgrade or product rollout to multiple geographic markets without forcing developers to reengineer their boards.  The Skywire modem’s U.FL port provides antenna flexibility, the modems only require voltage and a UART or USB connection.

NimbeLink External Modems and Routers

NimbeLink also offers external cellular devices.  These easy-to-deploy, external modems and routers are ideal for adding efficient, affordable cellular connectivity to existing products.  The Skywire E2C Link router converts a device’s Ethernet output for cellular transmission. The Skywire S2C Link converts serial output for cellular transmission.

Created by award-winning developers, NimbeLink’s cellular modems are the easiest way to speed cellular-enabled IoT and M2M products to market.  E2C Link routers and S2C Link modems help extend the life of existing products. And with the addition of GSM capabilities, in both embedded and plug-in Ethernet and serial link form, Skywire modems are the economical choice for global cellular connectivity.  For more information on NimbeLink Skywire modems go to

About NimbeLink
NimbeLink is the innovation leader for today’s cellular-based machine-to-machine and Internet of Things solutions. Our award-winning Skywire® embedded modems leverage the latest advances in high speed and low power cellular technologies.  Combined with our embedded software and customer support, we enable OEM customers to easily develop end-device certified IoT solutions. Our optional cellular data plans allow your products to connect straight out of the box.  By taking the complexity out of cellular product connectivity, we reduce your up-front product development costs and accelerate time to market. For more information, call us at 612.285.3433 or visit

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