Brand Guidelines

Welcome to our page dedicated to partner guidelines. We hope to make it easy to incorporate our brand into your site seamlessly. Please note that NimbeLink and Skywire are registered trademarks and identified with a ®  and that Skywire is a patented family of products.

Our Patents

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Our Logo

We value our logo since it’s a reflection of our company. Smart, simple, and cellular. Please follow the guidelines below to make sure it looks its best.

Download Logo & Icon

NimbeLink Logo Guidelines


The NimbeLink icon needs to be shown with the registration mark.

The icon is used only when a clean look on graphics and videos in the lower right hand corner is needed.

Download Logo & Icon

The NimbeLink icon pictured on the left should only be used on white backgrounds. If the logo were to appear on a colored background or picture background, there should be a white circle around it.


The spacing width is equal to the N in NimbeLink.

Minimal Size

The minimal size of our logo is to make sure everything including the tagline is legible. In print, the logo has to be at least 1.25″ and for digital-use it has to be a minimum of 90px.

Brand Logo – What Not To Do

We always want to keep the integrity of our logo. Please don’t remove the tagline. Only use the logo with the registration mark. The tagline should be NimbeLink blue. Don’t stretch or skew the logo. No drop shadows, gradients, or set against high-contrast color or background images.

Logo Misuse

Our Colors

While we have a large palette of company colors, our primary colors are blue, teal, white, and their gradients.


R11 G87 B162
C96 M73 Y4 K0


R118 G186 B48
C59 M3 Y100 K0

Secondary Green

R207 G242 B171
C20 M0 Y42 K0


R53 B206 G175
C65 M0 Y43 K0

Light Blue

R191 G216 B242
C23 M7 Y0 K0

Light Grey

R250 G250 B251
C1 M1 Y0 K0


R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0

Text Color

R102 G102 B102
C60 M51 Y51 K20


#BFD8F2, 55% tint and ends with #FFFFFF

Skywire Resources

NimbeLink’s patented Skywire modems are a core part of our company. All Skywire products are small, pin-compatible, end-device certified modems which enable easy integration with no further carrier testing requirements. This time-to-market advantage allows developers to quickly design-in connectivity to cellular networks around the world.

Our Modems

We want to show off our modems with the proper label and on a flattering white background. Here’s a .zip file with each modem. Each size is 720px and less than 200KB. If you need high resolution images for print, please contact us.

Download Skywire Images


Asset Tracking Resources

NimbeLink’s Asset Tracking Solution is taking off and we want to showcase the latest devices. It is an edge-to-enterprise solution that you can brand, manage, and make your own. The Solution uses the latest LTE technology for global applications and is ready to integrate into your application with minimal configuration.

Our Asset Trackers

Here’s a .zip file with each product. Each size is 720px and less than 200KB. If you need high resolution images for print, please contact us.

Download Asset Tracker Images