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NimbeLink Technology Overview

NimbeLink is a leading developer of cellular-based solutions. We provide carrier-certified embedded modems and asset tracking solutions that eliminate RF design and certifications from project schedules, significantly reducing costs and time to market. NimbeLink is not just committed to making the world’s best cellular products, we are committed to helping our customers simplify and better the lives of their customers, while also delivering significant business value.

Skywire Embedded Modems

NimbeLink’s patented Skywire modems are already certified as an “End-Device,” meaning further FCC or carrier certifications of your product are unnecessary.  We offer LTE Category M1/NB-IoT connectivity for global applications with fallback to 2G, as well as integrated GPS/GNSS radios. All Skywire products are small and pin-compatible enabling easy integration into your product and simplifying the process of changing technologies in the future as they become available. Further, design iterations of your product will not need to go through recertification.  This time-to-market advantage allows developers to quickly design-in connectivity to cellular networks around the world.

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Asset Tracking Solutions

The NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution is an edge-to-enterprise solution that you can brand, manage, and make your own. Created by a product company, for product/solution companies, the Asset Tracking Solution uses the latest LTE technology for global applications and is ready to integrate into your application with minimal configuration and can be deployed across a broad spectrum of vertical applications.

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