About NimbeLink

NimbeLink not only prides itself on its award-winning solutions, but also the talent of its people. We thrive under the leadership of some of the most experienced executives, engineers, and product specialists in the industry, delivering exceptional solutions and services that make the lives of our customers a little bit easier.

The Team

With no less than five years of direct cellular industry experience, each NimbeLink professional is diverse, smart, talented, and sometimes quirky, but always extremely passionate about what we can do to help our customers exceed their goals.

Meet the Team

Scott Schwalbe

Co-founder & CEO

Kurt Larson

Co-founder & CTO

John Young


Mike “Tack” Tackaberry

VP Sales

Monica Ribolzi

Business Development Manager

Brandon Hart

Director, Technical Business Development

Hannah Timo

Sales & Operations Coordinator

Steve Storebo


Peter Nilsson

Chief Marketing Officer

Amanda Conley

Graphic Design & Animation Specialist

Ven Dixit

Marketing Manager

Andrew Sapp


Kevin Holland

RF & Systems Engineer

Greg Nash

Systems Engineer

Tim Nordell


Kyle Rodgers

Software Engineer

Brian Ritter

Software Engineer

David Houghton

Asset Tracking Solutions

Bill Steiniger

Mark Sinderson

Shaun Riddering

Engineering Associate

Nick Knudsen

Engineering Associate


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