NL-AT6 Asset Tracker

The Low-Cost, Power-Friendly Way to Track Your Assets – Indoors and Out

The NimbeLink AT6 brings situational awareness to the Supply Chain. A robust, scalable, edge-to-enterprise solution, the AT6 allows you to quickly track, protect and optimize your asset portfolio.

Designed to fit between the pallet stringers, the NimbeLink AT6 device leverages LTE-M Cellular Connectivity, WiFi, Cellular triangulation and GPS for location services and an accelerometer, light and temperature sensor for condition monitoring. The AT6 is equipped with a Bluetooth radio, allowing the device to function as a Gateway for BLE tags, supporting hub and spoke implementations.  The NLink Platform enables you to quickly configure your AT6 device to your unique use case and seamlessly connect to your enterprise. The AT6 is a fully enclosed IP-67 device with robust battery life and is globally capable, supporting multiple frequency bands.

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Real-Time Awareness

Knowing the current status and location of your products and supply chain brings true real-time situational awareness to your organization. Rather than knowing where something was when it was scanned at a dock door, NimbeLink Asset Trackers allow you to see items as they progress through your supply chain. In their warehouses, in your warehouses and while in transport. And the NimbeLink AT6 includes a mobile, battery operated Bluetooth Gateway on board that can scan lower-cost Bluetooth tags, enabling complete monitoring of individual items in aggregated shipments.

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Secure and Configurable

The NLink Platform provides centralized device and configuration management to accommodate a vast array of use cases. Each device’s personality can be configured by modifying parameters in the cloud and gracefully integrates with the enterprise.

Features and Benefits:

  • Configuration management
  • Device management
  • Location services (WiFi & Cellular)
  • Enterprise integration ready
  • Edge-to-Enterprise security
  • FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) Updates
  • Temporary data storage
  • RESTFul API’s / Pub/Sub
  • Industry-leading cloud / IoT tool sets
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NL-AT6 Asset Tracking Process

The Low-Cost, Power-Friendly Way to Track Your Assets – Indoors and Out

AT6 Asset Tracker Sensors:

  • 3 Axis Accelerometer
  • Light
  • Temperature
  • BLE Scanning


  • Dynamically configurable to your use case
  • Tightly integrated edge-to-enterprise solution
  • Enterprise integration – RESTful/PubSub API's
  • Latest LTE-M/NB-IoT technology
  • Globally capable – multi-band support
  • Small footprint - lightweight
  • IP-67 water and dust proof
  • Robust battery life

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