From The Workshop – Live From Minneapolis

NimbeLink’s From the Workshop video podcast series has been gaining a lot of steam, which led the team to take the show on the road.  From the workshop is hosted by NimbeLink’s Director of Technical Business Development, Brandon Hart.  As a widely recognized expert in all things IoT, and a former technical specialist for Verizon Wireless, Brandon is using From The Workshop to help educate industry-leading companies on how to more easily exceed their corporate goals via cellular IoT technology.

With nearly two dozen “workshops” already available here “From The Workshop” covering a wide range of topics, such as Certification and Testing, Chipsets, Modules, and Modems, Speeding Up Product Development, The Future of Cellular and Other Wireless Technologies, LTE Cat M1 Technology, Reducing Power Requirements, Design Considerations…and much, much more

The response to the video podcasts has been terrific, but sometimes you just want to get your hands on the technology and, maybe, enjoy a beer, so Brandon has taken the show on the road. The bottom line is that Workshop participants walked away from the event equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to be able to design for, and utilize, the Internet of Things via a reliable cellular network.

Stay tuned to the From The Workshop Web Series for more episodes and videos from future Roadshow stops!