RoviTracker Upgrades Asset Tracking Capabilities With NimbeLink

Innovative solution provider needed a flexible team and product with global capabilities, supported by a knowledgeable staff of reliable and credible engineers to work with for the long-term.

Plymouth, MN, June 12, 2018 – NimbeLink, the world’s leading provider of cellular IoT technology, solutions and services, today announced that RoviTracker has selected the NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution to replace its current asset tracking provider. RoviTracker, a team of systems integrators, mobile and web developers with years of experience within the industrial space, will help its customers use the NimbeLink technology and solution to monitor the location, motion, temperature, and humidity of their assets, ultimately simplifying their operations and increasing profits.

RoviTracker is a robust IoT platform, built to collect and use valuable data from people, places, and things, such as engine run times, multiple battery banks, video, PSI, fluid levels, and solar chargers. Having a solid Asset Tracking device is a must.

“Making the decision to go with NimbeLink was easy because of the value our customers will gain from the solution,” says Alain Eav, Founder and CEO of RoviTracker. “We needed a product with longer battery life, a smaller profile, and a product that uses the latest LTE M technology. And as a global company, we needed a single-instance, scaleable asset-tracking solution specifically designed to meet our customers’ large-scale, global tracking challenges. The implementation of the NimbeLink solution will enable our customers to optimize and manage their assets across the globe.”

Deployment of the NimbeLink solution has already begun and the number of units in the field will quickly grow into the thousands. With this new offering, RoviTracker will leverage NimbeLink’s industry leading solution and realize excellent savings and service across the length of the relationship.

“Global challenges are driving leading companies to increase situational awareness from a holistic, cross-border perspective,” says David Houghton, General Manager of NimbeLink’s Asset Tracking Business. “We are excited to have RoviTracker join our family of worldwide, market-leading clients who are leveraging the financial and operational value of global asset tracking.”

RoviTracker will deploy the NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution across multiple vertical markets, including Construction, Energy, Government, Site Management, and many others.

Eav continues, “The main result that we have realized with NimbeLink is that they put their money where their mouth is. And by doing so it has saved us a lot of time and resources. Again, it all comes down to having similar goals, providing great customer support, and delivering a value added product all the way to the end user. And that is exactly what we are doing here.”

The NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution is an edge-to-enterprise solution that you can brand, manage, and make your own. Created by a product company for product/solution companies, the Asset Tracking Solution uses the latest LTE M technology and is ready to integrate into your application with minimal configuration and can be deployed across a broad spectrum of vertical applications.

About NimbeLink
NimbeLink is the world’s-leading developer of cellular-based IoT solutions. The company makes carrier-certified embedded modems and asset-tracking solutions that are created and deployed right the first time, significantly reducing costs and time to market. For more information, please call 612.285.3433, email, or visit