NimbeLink’s Asset Tracking Solution Creating A Lot of Buzz…

Have you heard the buzz? NimbeLink, the world’s leading provider of cellular IoT technology, solutions and services, announced last week that The Bee Corp ( has selected NimbeLink’s cellular Asset Tracking Solution.

Based out of Indiana, The Bee Corp is an AgTech company that uses the NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solutions to help beekeepers across the country with hive monitoring that alerts them when a hive has been moved or shaken, and if the temperature or humidity in the hive has changed.

Founder and CEO of The Bee Corp, Ellie Symes, says that “We were in the process of automating the data analysis for our products, and needed a solution where we could use APIs to automatically bring sensor data into our internal database. The hardware solution we had been using didn’t have this option. NimbeLink ended up being the best solution that not only met this need but also was an improvement in many other areas over the solution we had at the time. We got lucky that we found a Goldilocks solution.”

Since working with NimbeLink, The Bee Corp has automated and improved its data processing, and has also incorporated an additional hive theft solution with the accelerometer and GPS sensors in the product, which has already gained great traction in the U.S. market and interest from overseas.

Being able to use cellular technologies to join in the effort for global sustainability is very exciting. NimbeLink is honored to be a part of The Bee Corp’s mission, and we look forward to all that lies ahead in the future.

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