Entrepreneurship is Alive in Minnesota!

Entrepreneurship is alive in Minnesota!

Exciting things were happening in St. Paul last week at the 8th annual MN Entrepreneur Kick-Off. NimbeLink CEO and Co-Founder Scott Schwalbe took the stage with a presentation on being an entrepreneur in the IoT field. In addition to Scott, there were many different entrepreneurs that spoke on their backgrounds and the reasons they entered the fields that they did. To learn more about the event, check out their webpage here http://www.mnentrepreneurs.org/.

In addition to presentations, the event highlighted the resources available to business owners. These included everything from accelerators to incubators, as well as funding sources and more.

When reflecting on the event, Scott stated that, “it is always fun to participate in an event with positive, forward-looking people!”

Given all the enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and the presence of highly talented minds, it is safe to say that Minnesota is an emerging hotbed for new technology such as augmented/virtual reality, 3D printing, and IoT.

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