Asset Tracker FAQs

Getting Started

How do I get started?

We offer a Deployment Kit for piloting and defining your specific application: Purchase a Deployment Kit at Or, alternatively, you can contact us to discuss.

I purchased a deployment kit. Now what?

We have developed the NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution to be as seamless as possible. The units will arrive running, connected to the deployment dashboard. Set up a 15-minute call with one of our experts to walk you through all the capabilities of the solution.


Can the solution be configured?

Yes, we have designed our solution to be highly configurable. We provide robust configuration through APIs therefore enabling the platform to remotely change the frequency of sensing and reporting requirements.

Can the data be sent to my system?

Yes, we offer a client-accessible API to push data to any enterprise system.

Do you offer APIs to connect to our enterprise system?

Yes, we offer a client-accessible API to push data to any enterprise system.

Can the product be private labeled?

Yes, please contact us at 612-285-3433 or contact us to discuss.


Can I buy the hardware without NLink?

No, the hardware is tightly coupled with NLink, our system management platform. This is how we can promise fast time to market and a secure, flexible solution.


Can I use my own cell plan?

Yes, the Asset Tracking Solution ships with included data plans. Volume manufacturing orders can be set up to use your provided SIM cards.

Customer Support

What is the best way to reach Technical Support at NimbeLink?

Technical support is available through the Solution Support – Asset Tracking Department.

How do I submit an RMA request?

Please contact your Account Manager to initiate an RMA.


What are the warranties for the AT2 and AT4?

1 Year.

Globally Capable

Do you offer a NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution that will work in Europe?

Yes, the NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution is globally capable, connecting to various LTE CAT M1 (LTE-M) carriers throughout the world, including Europe.

Do you offer a NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution that will work in Canada?

Yes, on the TELUS network, with roaming on the AT&T network.

Use Cases

What can I track with a NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solution?

With industry leading battery performance, the use cases are vast, ranging from food products and ingredients, shipping pallets and bins, trailers, toolboxes and construction equipment.


Can I use NLink to set up email alerts for movement of the assets I am tracking?

Yes, NLink is designed to enable robust configuration capabilities to support a vast array of use-cases.

Does NLink monitor/display the battery power level of my AT devices?

Yes, battery performance is critical for monitoring non-powered assets so we provide the ability to establish battery status thresholds and alerts.

When used out of doors, to what level of accuracy does the AT2 track an object?

The AT2 employs 3 forms of location services to support outdoor tracking with varying degrees of precision:

GPS: 5m – 100m

Cell Tower Triangulation: 1,000m – 50,000m

WiFi Access Point Triangulation: 10m – 250m

Are you able to set-up geofencing?

Yes, geofencing is incorporated in our Configuration API.


What type of batteries do you use?

The AT2 utilizes four replaceable Energizer L91 Lithium AA batteries.

The AT4 utilizes one rechargeable Lithium Ion Pack.

How long will the batteries last?

AT2 – up to 14 years checking in once per day.

AT4 – up to 1 year checking in once per day.