IoT Design Services

From the Edge to the Enterprise

We’re here to help you bring your IoT product to market on time. Most of our clients perform all the engineering themselves and Design-in the Skywire and deploy ahead of the rest.  We can provide:

  • Engineering backup in specific areas
  • Develop end-to-end white label products

We’ll work with your organization to meet your commitments. We’re focused on bringing your vision to realization — fast.

"I was very impressed with NimbeLink. Great team. They took us through a comprehensive requirements phase, and in a matter of weeks delivered manufacturable prototypes ahead of schedule. Highly Recommended."


See How It Works

NimbeLink has created a set of processes and tools that take your what to results. Our stage gate process moves from the requirements phase to production fast. All of these are wrapped around the Skywire end-device certified modems.

What do you want to do?

  • Manage power
  • Control / Optimize environments
  • Automate Data collection
  • Custom Telematics
  • M2M Communication
  • Custom Gateways
  • Connect to PLCs, SLCs
  • Monitor Assets & Environments
  • Collate Sensor data


Delivering on-target results starts with a deep dive into your goals and requirements. Listening and understanding means quality results.


The NLinks Ecosystem forms NimbeLinks comprehensive offering of hardware, software and services, including an expanding set of IP building blocks. NLinks allows our team to build 200-300 working, manufacturable prototypes in the times it takes most to build a prototype. We call this process Protoduction.

Solution Platforms

Device Platforms

  • Low-end MCUs to high-end Linux devices
  • ARM Cortex-M, Cortex-A, and MIPS Architectures
  • Primary, rechargeable, solar, and line powered platforms

Radio Systems

  • Cellular modules from Telit, Sierra Wireless, Gemalto, Sequans, U-blox, Quectel, and WNC
  • Multi-radio Cellular, GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth, and LoRa system integrations
  • Antenna design and test in house RF chamber, VNAs, and Spectrum Analyzers

Software Development Brings Data from Edge Devices

  • Secure Key Management, Data Transport, Storage, Reporting, and Processing
  • Using ARM-mBed, FreeRTOS, and Linux operating systems
  • Application development in AWS IOT, Google, Microsoft Azure, Twilio, Losant, and Exosite platforms


  • Visualize your key data in custom design dashboards.
  • Scale for the future. Understand your data better.
  • Leverage your data, create ROI.
  • From design, build, to deployment we are focused on bringing your solution to market fast.

ATEK Case Study

ATEK makes remote monitoring solutions for a wide variety of industrial applications. The company needed a cost-effective, cellular-enabled device to monitor and alert when mission critical industrial fuel filters needed replacing. NimbeLink developed a solution that is flexible enough to deal with differences between fuels and lubricants, pressure variations related to temperature, and the effect of different…

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