NL-SW-LTE-QBG95 Migration FAQs

The Announcement from Quectel that the BG96 Cellular Module will soon be unavailable has a large portion of our customers migrating to the NW-SW-LTE-QBG95 Embedded Cellular Modem.  With a large number of migrations taking place, we have encountered a number of frequently asked questions that we will reference here for your reference.   NL-SW-LTE-QBG95 Migration Read More

SAR Testing

The FCC regulates radio transmitters in the US and defines in the CFR limits on human body exposure to RF energy. For communications transmitters, this takes the form of two concepts that your radio device must comply with in order to be offered for sale. These are generally referred to as Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) and Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).