NimbeLink LTE Router Certified on Verizon’s CPN Private Network, Enables a Critical IoT Feature

NimbeLink, a Rapid IoT Solutions Company announces that its E2CLink™ (Ethernet to Cellular router) is now Certified for use on Verizon’s Customer Private Networks (CPN). This critical feature enables complete end-to-end security for IoT applications.

Plymouth, MN (PRWEB) October 16, 2015

NimbeLink’s E2CLink (Ethernet to Cellular) router has been certified by Verizon for use on Verizon’s Customer Private Networks (CPN) enabling complete end-to-end security for IoT applications. This bridges a critical gap in secure network connectivity between remote sensors and servers and is particularly critical for applications in the growing Internet of Things (IoT).

Many IoT/M2M applications transfer data from devices in the field to centralized servers over the cellular network and the Internet. The cellular network is inherently secure, but once data enters the public Internet, it is at risk of being seen or altered by unauthorized parties. The solution is the creation of Virtual Private Networks (VPN), which are secure tunnels between the Verizon CPN and customer endpoints. VPNs block public Internet noise, protect the underlying data, and improve both throughput and security for the customer’s data. In addition, the Verizon CPN allows remote devices within the same network to communicate securely with each other without the need for a VPN.

As a service to its customers Verizon will create a secure CPN for data sent over the cellular network by remote devices to the customer’s Internet-connected computer resources. However, any router utilizing a Verizon CPN must meet strict requirements to obtain Verizon Private Network certification and approval.
With the approval of NimbeLink’s LTE E2C link, the company now offers a full line of E2C links – 2G, 3G, and LTE – that can use Verizon’s secure Private Networks. Created by the award-winning developers of Skywire® embedded cellular modems, NimbeLink’s E2CLink™ is a low-cost, industrial-grade alternative to cable, DSL or Wi-Fi Internet connections. E2CLink™ delivers instant cellular connectivity over the Verizon network for any Ethernet enabled device. It is significantly smaller and more affordable than other external cellular routers and can cost significantly less to operate than cable or DSL connections.

It has built-in intelligence and supports OpenWRT, a Linux-based open source firmware that simplifies operation and management and supports a broad range of functionality. Most aspects of the router’s operation can be remotely managed and upgraded.

About NimbeLink
NimbeLink is a rapid IoT solutions company, taking the complexity out of cellular data communication. The company creates simple, application-specific devices and provides developers of products for the fast-growing “Internet of Things” with a range of design, component, and manufacturing solutions to help speed innovative products to market.