Gumstix Chooses NimbeLink Skywire® Modem for Drone-Specific AeroCore2 Expansion Board

Gumstix is a premier provider of Linux-based COMs (computer-on-modules) and expansion boards for Linux and Android products, serving customers in over 45 countries. The company’s Geppetto® free online design-to-order system lets customers develop and purchase systems unique to their needs incorporating components from Gumstix’ large portfolio of small computers and embedded boards. When Gumstix needed to add an LTE cellular connectivity option for drone and other robotic applications, the company selected NimbeLink’s Skywire LTE modem, incorporating an appropriate header into the company’s AeroCore 2 expansion board for DragonBoard 410C, allowing plug-in addition of the Skywire modem.

“Geppetto lets users bridge the gap from ‘breadboard’ designs to production-ready systems,” says Gumstix President and CEO, Dr.Gordon Kruberg. “Our customers may have electrical engineers on staff,  but Geppetto helps a company go cost-effectively to market without a team of engineers. Once the board is designed, our engineers handle testing and verification, and we can ship completed boards – whether two boards or 2000 – within 15 days.”

Gumstix introduced their AeroCore2 expansion board for DragonBoard 410C, specifically for drone (UAV) and other robotics applications. DragonBoard has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth capability and the AeroCore 2 board includes a 15­pin CSI2 camera connector, eight PWMs, a 16­pin GPIO header, an SPI header, GPS support, a Spektrum DSM­2 remote connector and the powerful ST Micro Cortex­M4 microprocessor supporting NuttX RTOS.  For users needing to access the cellular network, the AeroCore 2 also includes a socket for NimbeLink’s Skywire LTE modems capable of transmitting data via the cellular network.

“We looked at a number of options before choosing the Skywire modem,” says Kruberg. “UAVs and robotics are fast-growing areas, and our customers want simple, flexible, complete solutions that can get them quickly to market. NimbeLink’s Skywire modems are the smallest in the industry, which is important for aerial and robotic applications. They are well supported and well documented, both critical for developers. And they are well stocked, so customers can get them when they need them and in whatever volume they need.”

Information on AeroCore 2 is available at The Geppetto design tool is at And information on Skywire LTE modems can be found at