NimbeLink devices have been deployed globally across multiple industries for many different types of applications. Whatever your need, NimbeLink has a solution.


NimbeLink’s products are ideal for agriculture companies seeking IoT solutions to optimize efficiency and increase revenues. Whether it’s irrigation or temperature management, finding misplaced assets across a farm or tracking beehives, collecting, analyzing and maximizing data are key to any agricultural organizations long-term success. Not-too-mention solving world hunger…

“We were in the process of automating the data analysis for our products, and needed a solution where we could use APIs to automatically bring sensor data into our internal database,” says Ellie Symes, Founder and CEO of The Bee Corp. “The hardware solution we had been using didn’t have this option. NimbeLink ended up being the best solution that not only met this need but also was an improvement in many other areas over the solution we had at the time. We got lucky that we found a Goldilocks solution in NimbeLink.”

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Consumer applications include products that people buy and products that people use. NimbeLink’s solutions utilize the latest LTE, as well as fallback 2G/3G technologies and are being used successfully around the globe to monitor, track, and manage a wide array of different applications, including digital signage, food and beverage installations, portable coolers, drones, and more.

“NimbeLink is a critical component to Firebolt’s ongoing success as a leader in designing and fabricating eye-catching and revenue-generating electronic signage,” said
Philip Ochtman, CEO of Firebolt

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One of the most diverse verticals in IoT, Industrial covers everything from machinery upkeep to monitoring manufacturing and refrigeration equipment to outdoor operations like oilfields and mines. And that is where NimbeLink excels – in keeping equipment and products operating most efficiently, staying safe, and protecting high value equipment and inventory.

“After several trials with other providers, we have partnered with NimbeLink,” says Rhonda Linville, Manager, Centralized Tool Facility with KONE. “We tried products from several well-known companies, but in the end we found NimbeLink to be the best choice for our application, initial costs, maintenance costs, and overall value.”

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Supply Chain and Logistics

There is an enormous scope of opportunity in the transportation and logistics industry: from trucks and ships down to containers, pallets, and individual packages, which all need to be monitored and/or tracked to maximize optimization across the supply chain. NimbeLink’s solutions do more than simply bolster its customers’ reputations – the reputations of their customers’ customers hang in the balance, as well. The bottom line is that businesses need to know the status of their assets, if their inventory will arrive and be delivered on time. NimbeLink uses the latest LTE technologies, as well as fallback 2G/3G technologies to get the job done.

“NimbeLink not only had a compatible base modem package with the communication and power requirements we needed, but fit nicely into our existing enclosure. Having a vendor with the right product and a cooperative attitude is key,”” said Irrometer President Tom Penning

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Need Help Choosing?

If you need help deciding which NimbeLink solution is best for your application, please contact us and we will be happy to help.