Asset Tracking System

The NimbeLink Asset Tracking devices – the AT2, AT4 and AT6 – are ruggedized, operate indoors and out, and deliver exceptional battery life. Each device is globally capable, highly configurable, and is designed to seamlessly connect your to your Enterprise through the NLink Platform.

NimbeLink Asset Tracking devices are water and dust resistant, work indoors and out, and feature a robust power management system that delivers unmatched reliability and lifetime value. And the NimbeLink NLink Platform enables you to quickly configure your devices and seamlessly connect your Solution to your enterprise. Explore our family of asset tracking devices by clicking on the devices.

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How to Get Started

Deployment Kit

  • 3 Asset Trackers with 3 months data each
  • Access to Portal/Dashboard

Engage with us to:

  • Define fitment and positioning
  • Establish configuration of trackers
  • Leverage documented APIs
  • Develop production deployment plan
  • Place initial order
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Need Help Choosing?

If you need help deciding which Asset Tracking Solution is best for your application, please contact us and we will be happy to help.