Power Pole Monitoring

There are more than 180 million wood power poles in the U.S. with an expected functional life of 50 years.  Because these poles support high-voltage power lines, utility maintenance crews must inspect each power pole to look for poles that are leaning, decayed, cracked, curved, or wobbly. This process requires an enormous number of man-hours.  Instead, power poles can be monitored with cellular Iot devices for leaning of more than 15°, oscillations caused by swaying wires, and poles that have dropped or have been impacted by a vehicle.  The NimbeLink AT2 asset tracker is an ideal fit for this application in that the embedded 3 axis accelerometer and temperature sensor can be used to monitor pole conditions.  With a battery life of up to 14 years, cellular based monitoring drastically reduces man hours in inspections.

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The Bee Corp Case Study

The Bee Corp was in the process of automating data analysis for its products, and needed a solution where the company could use APIs to automatically bring sensor data from the beehive into its internal database.  They chose NimbeLink for its small asset tracking enclosure, affordability, and because of its long battery life and could connect in remote areas. Read the full article to learn more.

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