Supply Chain

Supply chain management benefits greatly when assets can be tracked throughout the value chain. Visibility into the location and condition of ingredients, parts, components, WIP and finished goods from their source all the way to delivery to the final customer reduces shrinkage and scrap and allows for the optimization of inventory levels and routes.

NimbeLink Asset Tracking Solutions are truly edge-to-enterprise systems.  Our Asset Trackers use GPS and both cellular and Wifi triangulation to determine location, and send location data to the cloud via cellular networks to ensure assets are tracked in virtually any location.  Our Asset Trackers also include sensors to monitor environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, movement and the presence of light (detecting an “open”). The system also includes connectivity to our NLink platform for device management and an open API to move data directly to your enterprise system. The NimbeLink AT2 and AT4 asset-tracking devices have exceptional battery life, even up to 14 years, and can track bins and pallets, containers, and cargo boxes as they move throughout your supply chain.

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The Bee Corp Case Study

The Bee Corp was in the process of automating data analysis for its products, and needed a solution where the company could use APIs to automatically bring sensor data from the beehive into its internal database.  They chose NimbeLink for the small enclosure, affordability, and because of its long battery life and could connect in remote areas. Read the full article to learn more.

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With our Skywire Embedded Modems and Asset Tracking Solutions, we’ll help you to bring your IoT product to market on time. Most of our clients perform all the engineering themselves and Design-in the Skywire and deploy ahead of the rest. We can provide engineering backup and develop end-to-end white label products.

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We’ll work with your organization to meet your commitments. We’re focused on bringing your vision to realization — fast.

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