Smart, connected commercial refrigerators, chillers, and freezers are becoming the norm in refrigerated transport, medical storage, grocery stores and mass merchandisers as companies look to maintain the cold chain and make improvements in inventory management, food safety, and maintenance.

Many of these commercial refrigeration systems are connected to the Internet through robust cellular networks using embedded cellular modems. By remotely monitoring the operation of these assets, companies can immediately know when the temperature in a refrigeration unit rises beyond a critical set point, even in a power outage where local networks are down and in remote applications where local networks are not present. This protects the inventory from spoilage, and alerts personnel to take action.

Skywire embedded cellular modems connect these refrigeration systems to cellular networks to ensure that events are detected and reported, subsequently protecting assets from spoilage.

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LabCall Case Study

Lab-Call helps clinics and pharmacies protect refrigerated vaccines and other medications. The company’s service prevents costly losses by monitoring refrigerator/freezer temperatures and sending alerts to clients in the event of a power loss or change in temperature. NimbeLink’s solution incorporated temperature sensors, intelligent data processing to prevent false alarms, and a Skywire embedded modem to upload data and send out alerts when necessary.

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