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Connecting People, Products, and Things to the Cellular Network.

Founded in 2013, NimbeLink is headquartered in Plymouth, Minnesota.  We live by the promise that everything we do is for our customers.

Over the past five years, NimbeLink has established itself as the world’s-leading developer of cellular-based solutions.  We make carrier-certified embedded modems and asset tracking solutions that are created and deployed right the first time, significantly reducing costs and time to market.  With our tried and trusted processes, and design review program, there is no “going back to the drawing board.”

We are the only company that offers a truly proven embedded cellular product development process that results in either a fully integrated solution stack, or the development of a single, yet critical, component of an existing stack – all with the industry’s best technology and capabilities at its core.

It is because of this technological advantage, coupled with our innovative solutions and dedicated team, that we are able to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, while simultaneously improving revenue and profits.

NimbeLink is not just committed to making the world’s best cellular products, we are committed to helping our customers simplify and better the lives of their customers, while also delivering significant business value.

While the products we create for our customers are at the core of what we do, NimbeLink’s customer relationships do not end when a product has been deployed.  There is a continuum of support that ensures that the process and customer experience remain positive through the entire lifecycle.

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Management Team:


Scott Schwalbe
Co-founder and CEO

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Kurt Larson
Co-founder and CTO

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Mike Tackaberry
VP Sales

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