IoT Cellular Solutions

Connecting People, Products, and Things To The Internet

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Confidently Move Remote Data to the Cloud

Custom Solutions

Have an idea? Need help getting your product to market? NimbeLink has designed and manufactured hundreds of IoT products, and we can help you too!

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Skywire Embedded Modems

NimbeLink’s industry leading cellular embedded modems dramatically reduce the cost, risks and timelines of IoT product development.

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Asset Tracking Solutions

Cellular/GPS Asset Tracking Devices with optional environmental monitoring and up to 14 years of battery life. APIs to your enterprise or full stack solutions.

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Connecting People, Products, and Things to the Internet

NimbeLink is an IoT innovation company focused on creating cellular based products and solutions. Our embedded modems and asset-tracking solutions are carrier-certified and deployment ready. By design, we make connecting to cellular networks easy, significantly reducing your costs and time-to-market.

Bundled Data Plans

Want to keep things simple? Skywire embedded modems are now available pre-bundled with data plans.

Up to 10 years of data, pre-configured and ready to go out of the box. Cellular IoT doesn’t get any easier than this.

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Skywire Nano Embedded Modem

Meet the new Skywire Nano.  This super small LTE-M embedded modem is packed with some big possibilities.  With an on-board processor, access to global LTE-M networks and a super small footprint, this is the smallest and least power consuming embedded modem on the market.

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Powerful Cellular Solutions

Technological Advantage

NimbeLink’s technology-first culture means our attention is always turned to what’s coming next, and making it available first — delivering products utilizing the latest cellular technologies for our customers.

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Easy To Integrate

We simplify your development process by removing the complexities around cellular design and certification, with smarter products, comprehensive documentation, videos and world class support.

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Dedicated Support

We’re as excited as you are to get your project through the development phases to launch.  We understand the complexities and our experienced support team is here to support you. Need help, contact us.

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Let’s Find Your Solution

Discover which NimbeLink solution fits your business case.  Talk to an expert and explore your options.