Skywire® BeagleBone Cape Lite

Skywire’s Development Kits give you options.

The Skywire® BeagleBone Cape Lite provides easy access to the Internet of Things (IoT) via cellular connection. BeagleBone Black and BeagleBone Green are low-cost, community-supported development platforms which allow quick, easy application development. They accepts plug-in boards called “capes” which provide a wide variety of expanded capabilities. The Skywire® BeagleBoneCape Lite supports any of NimbeLink’s end-device certified Skywire® plug-in cellular modems with optional bundled, no-contract cellular plans and in addition to cellular connectivity offers:

  Wide power supply input 5V-12V

  Compatible with: BeagleBone Black, BeagleBone Black Wireless, and BeagleBone Green.

  BeagleBone Green Wireless can be used with additional standoffs.

  Grove sensor interface for unlimited sensor flexibility

 Fast, easy prototyping made possible by the Skywire® BeagleBone Cape Lite.

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Skywire® Embedded Modem Roadmap

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Skywire® Cellular Modems

Created by award-winning developers, Skywire® plug-in cellular modems are the fastest way to provide cellular connectivity for machine-to-machine (M2M) products and speed them to market. Within months of its introduction Skywire® was recognized for innovation and named a finalist for the ECN Impact Awards, Boards, Modules and Embedded Systems category.

Skywire® is the smallest end-device certified cellular modem on the market, making it quicker and easier to deploy than chip-down chipset solutions, external modems, or solder-in modules. It uses an XBee® Standard form factor* and its pre-certification eliminates months of delay and tens of thousands of dollars of cost for required certification.

It is easy to deploy, requiring just voltage and a UART connection and is more flexible than other plug-in modules, supporting a wider range of voltages and antenna connections.

*XBEE® is a registered trade mark of Digi International

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Skywire® BeagleBone Cape Lite

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